Name-saurus Shapes Craft

Make a new dinosaur using basic shapes and encourage your child to name it and tell you three things about their new dinosaur!

Book: Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur by Bonnie Worth (Cat in the Hat Learning Library)

Supplies needed:
2 colors of construction paper
Glue stick
Markers (optional to draw face)

On the first piece of construction paper, draw two, 1-in rectangles and two, 1 1/2-in rectangles and a large oval. You or your child can cut them out then cut again on dotted lines to make a variety of triangles, rectangles, squares and half-ovals. Paste on the second color of construction paper. We went with a sauropod, but you can use the same shapes to make a stegosaurus, triceratops or T-rex.

I love creating crafts using basic shapes. First time I saw someone break down an illustration using basic shapes was when I was working an event with author/illustrator Mo Willems. He showed school kids how to draw his famous Pigeon using just shapes. It made every kid in the room feel like they could be an illustrator one day too!

This week is Dinosaur Week at our house! Well, actually every week is, but this week we’ll be doing dinosaur-themed activities and sharing them here!

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Librarian turned Homeschool Mombrarian. I enjoy sharing creative learning activities, picture books and crafts for little learners. I write and create original flannel board stories, songs and felt sets for toddlers and preschoolers.

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